Amazon’s HQ2 may not be coming to Miami, but the “Magic City” is still turning heads among Silicon Valley thought leaders and tech-industry players that now consider it one of the fastest-growing meccas for creativity, innovation, disruption, and growth. Philippe Houdard, co-founder of Pipeline Workspaces and Head of the Innovation Advisory Group for the Miami Downtown Development Authority, explains why on the latest episode of the Miami Real Estate Podcast. 

About Philippe:

Philippe Houdard is co-founder of Pipeline Workspaces, a high-design space used by a diverse community of companies. With locations in seven cities in the United States, Pipeline’s members range from start-ups to well-known corporations such as Google, Uber, Spotify, and Microsoft. The company’s innovative model has been featured in the media over 250 times including by the New York Times, CNN, and the NBC Today Show. 

Philippe spent his childhood in Villeselve, a rural village of 300 people in France. He credits this experience as a source of inspiration and underlying theoretical model for Pipeline’s focus on creating collaboration and a sense of community among its members.

Philippe started his professional career serving as a legislative aide to U.S. Representative Joseph P. Kennedy II in Washington, D.C. and as a campaign staffer for U.S. Senator Edward "Ted" Kennedy.

Subsequently, Philippe spent nearly a decade in various executive positions for large technology firms, including Lucent Technologies (now Nokia) where he earned the company’s highest individual achievement award. After focusing on sales and marketing, international expansion, and M&A, he left corporate life and launched a series of entrepreneurial ventures.

Philippe was the founder and CEO of SkyBank Financial, a payments company that grew to over $15 million in volume before exiting the business.

Philippe is also the founder and CEO of Developing Minds Foundation, which builds schools and supports education in areas affected by armed conflict. The foundation has educated over 55,000 students, ranging from former child soldiers in Colombia to youth in violent shantytown favelas in Rio de Janeiro. He has raised millions of dollars from sponsors such as Western Union, Tiffany & Co, Bacardi, Copa Airlines, and Princeton in Latin America.

Philippe graduated from Harvard with a Master of Public Policy and University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. He was previously Visiting Scholar at University of Miami.

About Us:

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